Manhattan update March 2019

18th March 2019

I've effectively been away since November last year. Things got so busy at work that I took the decision to stop going to the office and work every waking hour to get back on top of things.

Four website launches later and things have calmed down to the point where I'm back in the office a couple of days a week and my evenings and weekends are my own again.

Whilst this was never the plan and has further delayed the release of Manhattan it has not entirely been in vain as the framework has matured and improved, and bar missing documentation I'm finally happy to release it in it's current state of development.

New features

  • Python 3.7 is now the recommend Python version to run Manhattan under
  • FlaskScripts has been replaced with Flask CLI
  • Moved to Fabric2 (Python 3) so setup and deployment commands all run under Python 3 now
  • Improved tools for building sitemap XML files
  • Unpublish feature added to blueprints with publishing properties
  • Duplicate feature now supported by blueprints (e.g duplicate this news article)
  • New _trace option  for chains provides basic profiling and debugging information.
  • New DateTimeField with timezone support
  • Changes made in the frontend in-page editor trigger the associated manage page to up date and show new publish status (e,g changes pending).
  • Slew of minor bug fixes.

Release already...

Over the next few weeks the Manhattan Python libraries will be migrated from our internal git repositories to GitHub making them public. The JavaScript libraries for the project were all ported late last year.

Alongside making the remaining code public I'm working on the projects website which will be hosted at

I can't hope to get all the documentation I want in place anytime soon, that's a long term project, but I intend to have enough in place (including the obligatory "Creating a blog" tutorial) for those intrepid few to be able to get started with Manhattan at the end of April.