3dtotal redevelopment

16th February 2018

I'm currently heading up the redevelopment of the 3dtotal website. 3dtotal are leading publisher in the CG (Computer Graphics) space and they have a well-known website with a significant community. I was a regular visitor to  3dtotal way back when I was an aspiring game artist but I never realised they were just down the road.

I met with the folks at 3dtotal in December and I knew immediately that this was a project I had to work on - that might sound like a line but I'll detail how everything went down in a post once the site is live and let you judge for yourself.

3dtotal will be the first very public showcase for Manhattan on a large site with significant traffic (the current timeline is for a soft launch in 6 weeks time).

Watch this space (or subscribing to the mailing list is probably easier).