About me

Hi, my name is Anthony Blackshaw and I’m a co-founder and developer at Getme.

I live in the village of Tedstone Delamere in Herefordshire, England with my wife Kelly and our Miniature Schnauzer Edison.

I work with lots of languages (key among them Python, Java/CoffeeScript, Lua/MoonScript), try to keep myself competent in CSS and HTML, dabble in design and have an interest in almost anything I stumble across (tech or otherwise).


I’m actively working on a number of Open-Source projects and in the little spare time I have a game:

I created this code journal as a way to record and share my day-to-day thoughts on coding and as an exercise to improve my ability to explain ideas and concepts.

Say hi

If you’d like to get in touch with me you can email me at ant@getme.co.uk or find me on:

I’m always happy to correspond but I do get quite a bit of correspondence so please be patient (and check your junk folder).